Black Pearl Rivet Set with Manual Grommet Machine

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  • Includes total of 1000 piece set of round black pearls with rivets and fixing tools.
  • The kit includes pearls, rivets, the manual press machine and dies. Everything you need to fit pearls.
  • The pearls are black colored. Set includes 4 different sizes and 250 pieces each. (4mm - 6mm - 8mm - 10mm)
  • With the punch tool it's easy to apply without the need to punch holes for your DIY crafts
  • The set is made of durable material.
  • Brand new acrylic round pearls and iron rivets.
  • Suitable for decorating your bags, hats, leathers, clothes, bridal fabrics etc.
  • Please keep these products away from children
  • 1000 pearls, 1000 rivets and 4 sizes of dies are included.

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